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Designer Irina Sigal on Her New Shop, Wackiest Client Request

Image credit: Irina Sigal
Image credit: Irina Sigal

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Beloved Philly couturier Irina Sigal is fresh off the debut of her new, 960-square-foot Rittenhouse boutique, which just opened last week at 2038 Locust Street. Here, the Russian-born designer weighs in on the evolution of Philly fashion, and tells us what's in store for her eponymous line of ready-to-wear.

Why did you decide to open a boutique downtown?
The dynamic of the city is different from the suburbs, and the energy and atmosphere are inspiring to me. I wanted to continue the work I've been doing in Elkins Park, yet appeal to new clientele. Also, I'd like to expand to fashion consultations and participate in more fashion shows.

How will the new store differ from your current, longstanding boutique location in Elkins Park?
I feel the difference will come on its own, with the location. The vibe in the city is different and therefore, the difference will be natural. Still, the store will be the sister store of my current location, similarly decorated, with lots of examples of my own creations.

Is there one design in particular that your clients request?
The requests are as varied as my customers! My own creations seem to be an inspiration when my customers are looking for a customized piece. Of course, it's always changing—like the the fashion industry itself.

Speaking of change, how has the Philly fashion scene evolved over the years?
I feel Philly fashion is more high fashion, more in-step with New York than 15 years ago. I also feel that Philly's artistic sensibilities are reflected in its fashion.

What's the strangest request you've ever received from a client?
I once made a wedding dress for a small dog. I was thrilled to do it!
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Irina Sigal

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