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This Queen Village Bazaar Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

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All images credit: Passyunk Post/Martha Rich

The Passyunk Post has the scoop on Prof. Ouch's Odditorium (aka Bizarre Bazaar), the new shop to open in Astro Vintage's former location in Queen Village. Owned by Dr. Ouch (the man behind Philadelphia Eddie's Tattoo who, despite the scary name, probably gives really good hugs, the store is self-described as an "eclectic emporium of everything esoteric," and according to Facebook, is in an open relationship.

Vintage toys, posters, and autographs are the shop's bread and butter, complemented by a smattering of weird/creepy/charming knickknacks and novelties that are straight out of a freak show- or circus-themed nightmare. According to the Post, the Doctor has plans to debut Professor Ouch's Great American Odditorium and World Museum in a room in the back of the store, which will feature a Cabinet of Curiosities. (Curiosities? Like the Mütter Museum? So many questions! If you have the answers, tell us. ) The museum is scheduled to open in January, so stay tuned for updates.
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