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The Modern Gentleman's Ultimate Holiday Party Survival Guide

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All images credit: David P. Lochner/Briar Vintage

With his throwback style and suave demeanor, David P. Lochner is kind of like a modern-day Don Draper or Nucky Thompson—albeit with less Tommy guns, more tattoos, and much better manners (chivalry's not dead, ladies!) Here, the natty dresser takes a break from managing Old City's men's-only vintage shop Briar Vintage to pen six rules for successfully navigating the social minefield otherwise known as the holiday party circuit. And, as a special bonus, Lochner puts his styling skills to work, assembling a party-ready ensemble for the twenty-first century gentleman.

As it is the season to spread merriment and cheer, one may be asked to attend certain gatherings thrown in the spirit of the holidays. Here are some quick "Do's and Don'ts" for such occasions.—David P. Lochner

Rule #1: Dress appropriately. Generally, a good host will address this issue in their invitation saying something about the formality of the event. When in doubt, a blue blazer and grey trousers with a crisp white shirt with a conservative stripe tie will get you through most of life's events looking classic. Don't forget to dress the chest pocket of your jacket with a white handkerchief. Not only is it a sign of a natty dresser, but they tend to come in handy.

Rule #2: Be mindful of how much you imbibe. Undoubtedly, as a gentleman and general man of the world, you will indulge in a cocktail or two. Drunkenness and boorish behavior are very rarely seen as attractive traits. It is perfectly acceptable to "feel good," but be careful not to over do it.

Rule #3: When in doubt, bring a hostess gift. Should you bring anything? Look again to the invitation. If it is catered holiday party thrown by the corporation you work for, then no. If it is a small dinner with friends, send an email and ask. Remember: It never hurts to show up with a bottle of good wine.

Rule #4: Mind your manners. Be courteous to your host and the other guests. When involved in a conversation, let the other person talk, do not interrupt. Keep the conversation civil and polite. Talk about the persons profession or maybe their hobbies, and avoid extremely personal matters, even with close friends. Gentlemen, hold doors and offer your chairs to the ladies. It might sound like an archaic idea, but it is appreciated, and it will be noted that chivalry isn't dead.

Rule #5: Retire your phone for the night. Turn the ringer off and pay attention to the world around you. Capturing pictures and posting them to one of the plethora of social media websites is fun, but never when it is someone who is not having their "best" moment.

Rule #6: Connect with your host. If it is a bigger party, thank your host at some point in the evening for their hospitality. This way you won't be stuck trying to say goodbye and thanking them when everyone else is doing so, as well.

Now you are ready to attend the multitude of holiday events that your social calendar has to offer. Enjoy the season with your loved ones. The Briar Vintage family would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays!
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