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The Collab Sale Racks are Full, Kinda Sad at This Local Target

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"Bueller...? Bueller...?"
"Bueller...? Bueller...?"

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We're starting to think there's some truth to murmurings that the sun has set on the age of the high-low designer collaboration. It's been about three weeks since the Neiman Marcus x Target partnership with 24 CFDA designers debuted, and it's already half off online.

We scoped out the goods at the Target in Plymouth Meeting, where were met by cherry-red 50% off signs that stared down from every angle and a stray tumbleweed that floated past our feet. Just kidding, but really, despite the discount, the racks appeared well-stocked with items we expected to be long-gone by now—especially since we're in the midst of the holiday season.

Among the standouts still on display: the Proezna Schouler Sweatshirt (now $14.99); a bunch of Oscar de la Renta Totes (now $29.99); the men's Rag & Bone Sweater (now $34.99) in every size except XS; one Alice & Olivia bike (now $249.99); the Lela Rose Dress (now $49.99); and the Judith Lieber Compact Mirror in pink (now $29.99). Then we spied on a Target employee as she unloaded a ginormous cardboard box of Diane von Furstenberg Yoga Mats (now $24.99), and put them onto the display. What do you think? Was the Target x Neiman Marcus collab a bust? Have you seen a similar scene at other local Targets? At Neiman Marcus? Sound off in the comments.
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2250 Chemical Rd Plymouth Meeting, PA