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Why This Design Blogger Isn't Above a Little Drama

Image credit: Carrie Leskowitz
Image credit: Carrie Leskowitz

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According to fashion stylist-turned-interior designer Carrie Leskowitz, "A dash of drama goes a long way." And while her idea of theatrics has more to do with design principles than with the sagas of a seventh-grade classroom, Leskowitz's blog, Carrie's Design Musings, still has tongues wagging. The online journal depicts the designer's passion for all-things design, marrying Leskowitz's infatuation with fashion with her love of interiors and decor.

Why we love it: The latest runway trends seem more accessible when translated into home accents—the dip-dye trend is a lot less scary when you take it for a test drive on your curtains instead of your hair.
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