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This Pro Athlete Wife's Closet Would Put Nicki Minaj to Shame

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All images credit: Cherie

You'd likely see Brian Lichtenberg's in-your-face designs in the closets of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and the Kardashians, but pro-athlete wife Cherie* has amassed quite a collection of her own. The 28-year-old South Jersey mom-to-three/freelance makeup artist boasts an enviable inventory of the LA-based designer's dresses, leggings, tees, and blazers—she even owns a hand-graffitied, signed jacket that was originally made for Nicki Minaj. "He actually customized the jacket with my name on it. It's called the Graffiti Blazer—it's SICK!" she laughs.
*Last name withheld for confidentiality.

Have you always been a collector of fashion?
The past two years I really started getting into it. I'm not really particular on brand names—I like what looks good! I have basically been pregnant for the past few years, so maternity clothes were about as sexy as I could get. Now that I am not a whale, I can enjoy the artistry of high fashion clothing. Some other favorites of mine are Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, and BCBG.

What draws you to Lichtenberg's designs?
They're sexy, edgy, funky, and a little crazy—just like me! When you put on one of his dresses, it just makes you feel like a million bucks! I am a little obsessed!

How much money have you spent on his pieces?
Oh Lord, I don't know if I should answer this.

Do you buy Lichtenberg's designs locally?
Everything—except for one shirt—is from Kaleidoscope Boutique. I have known [store owner] Irina for a few years now—even before she opened her store. She knows my style and my sizes, so she will set aside a collection of clothes for me to try on, and most of the time I buy the whole rack! My closet consists of about everything in her store, including jewelry.

Which piece from your collection is your favorite?
My favorite piece would absolutely be my custom graffiti jacket. It is a one-of-a-kind piece with my name and Brian's name all over it. No one else will ever have the same one!

Do you ever let your friends raid your closet?
I would never let anyone borrow my clothes. I spend a lot of money on them and I know I would never get them back!

Will your collection ever be complete?
I actually just ordered another Lichtenberg dress. It's a black patchwork dress that I am very excited to get. It's very sexy!

Would you rather A) Give away your entire Lichteberg collection or B) Go without sex for an entire year?
This is a very difficult question; I'm trying to think of a way to get around this. I don't think I could go a year with out sex. So I would give away my entire collection, then buy it all back!