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This 30 Ct Diamond Ring Couldn't Fit in a Standard Jewelry Box

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Image credit: Bernie Robbins
Wowas! This gargantuan diamond ring was the most expensive piece ever sold by area jewelers Bernie Robbins. Custom-designed by the client, the ring—not an engagement ring, by the way—featured a 30-carat diamond that was laser-inscribed with the name of its recipient.

And get this: The ring was too big to fit in a standard size jewelry box, so a Bernie Robbins jeweler created a custom porcelain and leather box with silver hinges. The lucky lady was "blown away," says Bernie Robbins co-owner Harvey Rovinsky. The price for that kind of reaction? Seven figures.
· Bernie Robbins [Official Site]

Bernie Robbins at the Radnor Hotel

595 East Lancaster Ave St Davids, PA