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This Bag Could Save You at Least $1,000

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Today's pick comes from Racked Chicago editor Jenny Berg.

The TT, $260 at Lo & Sons

My affinity for slouchy, open-top shoulder bags came to a screeching halt one year at Lollapalooza, as I giddily danced to Grace Potter while a rude festival-goer pinched my iPhone. And my wallet. Oy.

To prevent a long story from becoming longer: I need a safe, sturdy, non-hideous bag that can carry all my essentials. Including Mr. Macbook. This T.T, or Travel Tote, is from online retailer Lo & Sons. It has an internal-support strap system, a back sleeve that lets you secure it over a luggage handle, and a pretty lavender lining. This style goes for $260, which is well worth the investment if it prevents me from having to replace my laptop anytime soon. One caveat: The bag currently has a wait list. So I'll have to avoid music festivals until I get mine.
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