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The Ladylike White Dress That's Not See-Through

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Today's pick comes from Racked National associate editor Kenzie Bryant.

Structure Dress $42.99 (was $52) at Need Supply Co.

If it were cost-effective and I had a personal dry-cleaning service, I would throw out my entire wardrobe and wear just white. (You heard me, Marc Jacobs. All white.) Instead of that, I'm incorporating the non-shade into my fall and winter closet as much as possible starting with that sweet dress you see above.

I plan on wearing it with cropped sweaters for a warm look, long sweaters for a weekend look, a turtle-neck tops for a '90s look, belts for a look that proclaims to the world, "Hey look, everybody, I totally have a waist," etc. The dress also gets major bonus points for being on sale and for not being see-through.
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