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How to Effectively Waste Time by Shopping the PHL Airport

Image credit: <a href="">Paul Loftland</a> for Philadelphia Marketplace Food and Shops at PHL
Image credit: Paul Loftland for Philadelphia Marketplace Food and Shops at PHL

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The Philadelphia International Airport isn't exactly synonymous with great shopping, but if you're looking to kill some time before your flight, the stores are worth a browse. Over 30 retailers have a home here, offering everything from luggage (duh) and personal massagers (tee-hee) to apparel and accessories.

After the jump, find our handy countdown of the ten stores at PHL that'll most effectively burn time before take-off.

10. B-Iconic (Terminal E)
This wallet-friendly store stocks men's and women's accessories in the $10—$50 range, arranged by color. Think trendy fashion jewelry, handbags, scarves, shoes, hats, men's ties and accessories, and travel comfort products. You'll probably poke at some beaded bracelets, then be on your way. Estimated time burn: 10 minutes.

9. Afaze (Terminal B)
Similar to B-Iconic, Afaze provides shoppers with contemporary fashions that won't break the bank. You won't find men's stuff here, though—just womenswear and accessories that toe the line between tacky and trendy. You'll most likely take a lap around before finding the exit. Estimated time burn: 15 minutes (20 tops).

8. Swarovski (Terminal B/C)
You'll probably leave this store empty-handed, but oooooooooh look how sparkly!!! Mentally arrange crystal figures by order of sparkliness, consider spending $100 on a crystal Hello Kitty figurine, snap out of it. Estimated time burn: 20 minutes

7. Johnston & Murphy (Terminal B/C)
A heritage brand, Johnston & Murphy is a good bet for men's and women's preppy American apparel and outerwear. The store here also houses a good mix of leather and canvas luggage, but you'll probably get bored after 20 minutes. Estimated time burn: 25 minutes

6. The Body Shop (Terminal B/C)
Take the time to really get acquainted with each and every one of The Body Shop's sweet, fruity scents. Try every single tester. If you have to go to the bathroom to wash the perfumes from your hands and come back with a clean slate, better still. Estimated time burn: 30 minutes

5. International Shoppes (Terminals A West, A East)
Duty-free shopping! This is where you'll find duty-free merchandise, whether you want liquor or cosmetics (or just like saying the word duty). Estimated time burn: 35 minutes

4. Kiehl's (Terminal F)
Kiehl's good place to visit post-flight, when tired skin craves a little pick-me-up via moisturizer. Before a flight, you can seriously kill some time sampling all of the different products and chatting up the counter people. This is the perfect time to really address those skin issues! Don't leave without buying something; that would be rude. Estimated time burn: 40 minutes

3. Gap (Terminal B/C)
Unlike the journey that awaits you, you know what to expect at Gap: men's and women's apparel that toes the line between basic and trendy. Burn off some minutes by tasking yourself with finding the perfect new pair of jeans, and if that requires spending 45 minutes in the dressing room, so be it. Estimated time burn: 45 minutes

2. Sunglass Hut (Terminal B/C)
Sunglass Hut exists in airports solely because of the fact that you're inevitably going to forget to pack your sunglasses. Top-name brands are here, in a variety of styles for men and women. Think Ray-Ban, Oakley, Burberry, Gucci, and many more, all of which you'll need to try on—even if it takes an hour or more. Estimated time burn: 45 minutes

1. Brookstone (Terminal B/C)
The most dependable spot for those looking to burn up some time before a flight. Test out a massage chair, giggle at the personal massagers, then seriously contemplate your need of a remote control helicopter. Estimated time burn: 60 minutes
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