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Pro Tips for Buying Your Lady Lingerie She'll Want to Wear

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Jennifer Rosen's Hope Chest has two locations: Haverford and Center City. The latter boutique opened last fall. Image credit: Hope Chest

There are few situations more awkward and intimidating than walking into a lingerie shop for the first time—men and women included. That said, it's fitting that the first tip from Jennifer Rosen, owner of the popular lingerie boutique Hope Chest, is to be prepared. "Have an idea of what you are looking for when walking in," she advises. Keep reading for the expert's top tips for purchasing skivvies your special lady will actually want to wear.

·Do your research
Don't guess on size! Sneak into her lingerie drawer and know what size she wears in bras, panties, and even outerwear.

·Know your audience.
Make sure it's her taste, style, and right for her body type—something she'll feel comfortable and confident in. Don't buy something just because the salesperson says it's a "must have."

·Keep it sexy, yet practical.
Don't buy anything overly complicated that she'll never wear again. Buy pieces that are made with comfortable fabric with a little bit of lace for that feminine touch.

·Avoid anything too flashy.
Just because it's Valentine's Day doesn't mean she needs to wear pink, furry heels, red hearts, or frilly lace. Color is very important. When in doubt, always stick to black, deep blue, or purple. Personally, black silks with a touch of lace are always classic and a favorite of mine.

·Splurge a little...
Don't skimp out on lingerie; splurge a little bit on this gift. Luxury lingerie has no expiration date and will last for many more Valentine's Days, I promise!

·...but the thought counts, too.
If a woman has never received flowers before, the moment she gets the right bouquet from the right person, she will remember it forever. Jewelry is also a great side gift—maybe something made by a local designer that's not too showy, but thoughtful.

·Gift wrap is your friend.
As long as lingerie is wrapped nicely and is in a box from a classy, reputable store, I don't think it will ever come off cheesy or skeevy. I suggest having it waiting for her on the coffee table or kitchen table next to a big bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers and a card.

·Most importantly, pour on the compliments!
After she puts on the lingerie, make sure to compliment her and tell her how amazing she looks!

· Hope Chest [Official Site]

Hope Chest

1937 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 (215) 665-9169 Visit Website

Hope Chest

1937 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA