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The Grooming Products Every Man Needs in His Medicine Cabinet

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you Ian Michael Crumm, our resident men's fashion expert, here to share style pointers and tips for tackling the latest trends in menswear. Straighten those neckerchiefs—Ian is on the go!

Image credit: Lush

Dear men who want to look great this spring (I hope that's all of you),

Since the weather is starting to warm up, it's time to transition to lighter, spring-friendly grooming options. Here are some of my favorite products and tips to help you prep for the new season. First, lets talk face. It's important to have a smooth surface before applying any moisturizers so your skin can soak in the benefits. I love Angels on Bare Skin ($13.95) from Lush. This exfoliant is designed for all skin types, has an earthy scent, and leaves my skin feeling renewed.

Use the exfoliant first to get a closer shave and avoid burning (skin might become irritated if you exfoliate after shaving). Then, apply a shaving cream and let it sit for a minute to soften your stubble. The oat milk, shea butter, and honey in Dirty Shaving Cream ($13.95+) from Lush help to prevent irritation, and the spearmint and thyme scent is invigorating in the morning!

Image credit: Kiehl's

Now let's try a light moisturizer like Facial Fuel ($25+) from Kiehl's. The formula has SPF 15, so you won't have to worry about adding sunscreen. This lotion leaves skin soft and has a light cooling sensation. For added rejuvenation, Kiehl's recommends refrigerating the lotion—a refreshing suggestion to say the least. Bravo!

Image credit: Ulta

Let's talk hair. Many guys revert to simpler, "day after" hairstyles in spring and summer, so you don't spend have to spend a lot of time taming hair into a neat and tidy style. Try using a texturizing paste, like Dirt ($26) by Jonathan Product. Warm the paste in your hands and apply to dry hair. Remember: Start the application at the back of the head and work your way forward; this technique helps avoid clumps of product and greasy hairlines. Dirt has hints of lemongrass and almond (I think it has a rustic vanilla scent), so prep yourself for compliments on how great your hair smells!

Image credit: Richel D'Ambra/Facebook

To look your best, you have to feel your best. Make sure you are relaxed and comfortable with your body. The Signature Massage ($125+) at Richel D'Ambra Spa & Salon will relax your muscles and ensure you put your best face and self forward. Have a signature product or a grooming tip you want to share? Tell me in the comments!
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