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This Philly Designer Outfits The Woman You Want To Be

Image credit: Kristin Haskins-Simms
Image credit: Kristin Haskins-Simms

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Philly designer Kristin Haskins-Simms is a girl's girl who bridges the gap between uber-chic and accessible. The Project Runway alum's Fall 2013 preview for Krysi, her new womenswear label, is an impressive amalgamation of boardroom-ready, modern mommy and effortless cocktail pieces. It's what every woman wants to be: sexy, smart, and versatile. Hallelujah, a designer who gets it.Rhonda Ryan

Tell us about your target audience.
The Krysi woman is a woman who is independent in spirit and doesn't rely on trend forecasts to tell her what to wear or how to dress. She is the trendsetter. She also leads a very busy, multifaceted life and needs fashionable yet functional garments that carry her from day to night. I design organically with practicality in mind. That possible comes from my graphic design background or maybe it is just me.

You started your career in graphic and web design. Was that helpful during your transition to fashion?
There really isn't that much difference, for me anyway. My process is pretty much the same except one is two-dimensional and the other is three-dimensional. I don't think it's that uncommon for a designer or artist from any background to transition into another medium. It's just keeps us alive.

What fuels your fire as a designer?
Just being allowed to express myself creatively is what keeps me motivated. I have SO MANY ideas that pop up in my head; I'm just thankful that I am allowed to live my life this way.

Are there any Philly places or faces that inspire you?
I'm always inspired by nature. I hike a lot with my dog and my son in the Wissahickon. I am also inspired by history. Philadelphia has so many historic treasures off the beaten path, especially in Germantown where my manufacturing facility resides.

Let's say you can have your wildest dream come true for Krysi. What would that be?
My wildest—yet achievable—dream is for Krysi to be a lifestyle brand. I have ideas for furniture, products, accessories, a home collection, even children's clothes. Maybe even items for pets. But I am taking it one step at a time. I am already designing bags for other people so hopefully I can channel that energy for Krysi's own bag collection.

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