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How to Put the Funk in Your Socks—in a Good Way

<a href="">Cotton/nylon socks</a>, $27 at Chestnut Street's Blue Sole Shoes
Cotton/nylon socks, $27 at Chestnut Street's Blue Sole Shoes

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Ah, the sock: It disappoints gift recipients every holiday season and makes a mockery of laundry day by somehow escaping the dryer. Yes, in many ways, socks are the worst; but if you think beyond the basic white tube, socks can be—dare we say it—kind of fun. Here, we ask style expert Michael Oxman of Spruce Street's Henry A. Davidsen Master Tailors & Image Consultants to share some tips for incorporating funky socks into men's wardrobes.

Tip One: Err on the Conservative Side
There's a time and place for everything. Funky socks are appropriate for parties, dates, and concerts; but if you're on a job interview, wear charcoal socks with your charcoal suit!

Tip Two: Mind Your Pants
The rule of thumb for socks is actually to match them to your pants instead of your shoes: grey socks with grey pants, navy socks with navy pants, and so on. This creates a seamless line from pant to shoe, whereas matching your socks to your shoes runs the risk of looking like you're wearing a boot when you actually aren't.

Tip Three: Ignore Tip Two...Sometimes
If you're headed to a party or some other event where fashion statements are appropriate, look beyond the pant: Instead of matching your socks to your pants, this is a good opportunity to tie them back to something else in your outfit. Say you're at a wedding, wearing a khaki suit with a patterned mint tie. Why not throw on some mint argyle socks to complement the green in your tie? Are you wearing a pink shirt with your light grey suit? Throw on some pink socks with blue accents. Jeans and a grey sweater? Grey socks with a fun pattern will tie everything together nicely.

Tip Four: Keep Your Calves Covered
Many men don't realize that crew socks (those that hit mid-calf) aren't long enough for suits. You're better off with"over-the-calf socks, which come up to just below the knee. Socks this high will ensure that you don't show any bare leg while wearing your suit. Crew-length socks are fine for more casual outings.

Tip Five: It's Raining Socks!
We love VK Nagrani socks (aka the best socks in the world), and we carry an edited line here in the showroom. Many of the crew and over-the-calf VK Nagrani socks we have are brightly colored and interestingly patterned, though we also carry some solids for our more conservative clientele. Blue Sole Shoes at 18th & Chestnut carries a number of funky sock—Bresciani, Marcoliani, St. Croix, and Robert Graham to name a few. Big brands like J.Crew and Cole Haan generally have a good selection of fun socks, as well.
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