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Hey, You! Step Away From the Flip Flops, Try These Shoes Instead

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you Ian Michael Crumm, our resident men's fashion expert, here to share style pointers and tips for tackling the latest trends in menswear. Straighten those neckerchiefs—Ian is on the go!

Cole Haan Great Jones Saddle. Image credit: Cole Haan

Dear guys,

Let's talk what styles can fill your spring and summer shoe wardrobe. Please toss chunky winter boots and do not consider flip-flops (hint: strappy sandals are trending!) Update neutral dress shoes by incorporating color blocking. Cole Haan's Great Jones Saddle ($198) in peacock/topaz mixes a mint sole and two different shades of blue on the upper. I love this style because you can wear it with a fitted suit during the day or dress it down with shorts at night. The color combination is bold, but dare to be different. There are three other color options if this one is too bright.

Kenneth Cole More Tricks Oxfords. Image credit: Kenneth Cole

You can also go for the white look. Fashion is supposed to be fun, so why not break that silly Memorial Day rule? Wear white before the holiday! Kenneth Cole lightens up your outfit with the More Tricks Oxfords ($158). Pair with dark slacks or jeans for a little drama. This high-contrast look adds depth to your outfit without bold colors in case the color-blocking trend isn't for you.

Steve Madden Rowmann Sandal. Image credit: Steve Madden

No need to make flopping noises when you walk. Instead of flip-flops, try strappy, open-toed footwear. Steve Madden offers a gladiator-inspired look with the Rowmann Sandal ($89.95). The gladiator trend has been seen on many runways the past few years and is hot, hot, hot yet again.

Kenneth Cole What's Shape-ing Sandal. Image credit: Kenneth Cole

If straps don't thrill you, consider Kenneth Cole's What's Shape-ing Sandal ($98). Still avoiding that thong-like flip-flop, this is a style you can wear with your casual summer outfits. Try either of the above sandals with a polo shirt and neutral shorts. Keep the focus on the shoes! Have a favorite warm weather style? Let me know in the comments!
· I.M. Crumm, Style Concierge [Racked Philly]

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