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How This Pedicurist Can Spot a Bad Pedi From 20 Feet Away

Image credit: <a href="">Lacquer Lounge</a>
Image credit: Lacquer Lounge

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We're kicking off Pedicure Power Hour with a rapid fire Q&A with Lisa McElhone, owner of Queen Village nail salon Lacquer Lounge. From common pedicurist pet peeves to which top coat is the "best ever," McElhone quickly answers nine of our most pressing pedi questions.

What do you do when a client takes of their socks to unveil some really ghastly feet?
Nothing shocks us. You have to love making people feel good and beautiful to be a pedicurist. You just have to love what you do!

What are some common pedicurist pet peeves?
When clients talk/text on their phones and have to be reminded to keep switching hands.

Is there really a difference in quality between polish brands, e.g. Essie vs Revlon?
Yes, you can tell by their staying power. I can tell just from the consistency of the polish!

What polish and topcoat brands do you recommend?
We love Essie & OPI for polish. Seche Vite is the best topcoat ever! It dries super fast, keeps nails from chipping, and the color always looks glossy.

What's your most requested nail polish color at the moment?
Anything green.

What one nail polish color is always in vogue?

What's the dumbest nail polish color name you've ever heard?
Where do I start? There are so many ridiculous names for colors that have no relation to the actual shade.

Any tips for extending the life of a pedicure?
Use a top coat every other day to keep polish from chipping. Also, apply cuticle oil to hydrate dry cuticles and lotion to moisturize feet .

Can you spot a bad pedicure from 20 feet away?
Yes! Unevenly filed toenails, frayed cuticle, and messy polish are the giveaways.
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