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Final Face-Off! Which 'Hood is More Stylish: Old City or Manayunk?

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Welcome back to Neighborhood Style Showdown, our quest to determine the Philly region's most stylish neighborhood.

This is it, people—the final round in our search for Philadelphia's most stylish neighborhood. So which two 'hoods are progressing to the Round 3 as our final contenders? First, Round 2 results: Wednesday's face-off between Manayunk and East Passyunk Avenue was hardly a fight; The Singing Fountain ran red as Manayunk destroyed EPA, nabbing 95 out of the 126 total votes. Yesterday, Old City squared off against the Main Line, leaving the 'burbs whimpering in the corner with only 8 out of the 43 total votes. Whomp whomp.

That leaves us with Manayunk and Old City as the final two contenders. Will the well-dressed shoppers drawn to Old City's indie boutique scene be enough to "out-style" Manayunk? We'll announce the winner on Monday. To the polls!

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