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'Don't Be a Party Downer' and Other Tips for Rockin' Huge Hats

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All images credit: Laura Lewis for Tselaine

With the Kentucky Derby on Saturday—and the Devon Horse Show and Radnor Hunt on the horizon—'tis officially the season of the ginormous, ostentatious hat. Here, Tselaine's Elaine Tse and Laura Lewis suggest five fantabulous hats from their Rittenhouse accessories boutique and share three tips for rockin' 'em with confidence. To the mint juleps!

Tip One: Don't be a Downer
Make sure the fit is comfortable. If the hat is too tight, you might get a headache or just want to fiddle with the hat the whole time. How can you project fashion confidence if you are fidgeting? Total party downer.
Tip Two: Sizing Tape is Your Friend
A too-big hat is a no-no, as well. You want to be able to see where you are walking! Plus, flirting with that handsome horse owner is impossible if you can't spot him. Most good hat shops have sizing tape that can make a slightly large hat fit perfectly.

Tip Three: Think Like The Duchess
Make like Kate Middleton and take the time to have great hair and appropriate makeup to complete the ensemble. A nice bun or sleek ponytail is great with smaller hats or a fascinator. Hats can hide eyes, so pile on the mascara. Make sure it's waterproof—otherwise you'll get raccoon eyes from your tears of joy from your winning bet! Strong lips are also necessary when wearing a bold hat; it will balance the look!
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