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Photos, Prices, Set-up of Lilly Pulitzer's Spring '13 Warehouse Sale

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We set our alarm for 3:45am this morning so we could experience the madness known as Lilly Pulitzer's Warehouse Sale. As expected, it was pure insanity, yet surprisingly well-organized (as of 6am this morning, anyway). True, the shoppers at this thing are diehard Lilly fans (they have been lined up since last Sunday, after all), but the massive size of the event space made the sale easy to navigate; the vibe, a little less intense.

Here's the set-up once through the curtain: Dresses, shorts, and children's items are to your right; knits, sweaters, tees, jewelry, and scarves are to your left; factory seconds and shoes are in the far back-left; totes, wallets, and belts are in the back-center; bikini separates and pants are in the back-right; skirts, dressy tanks, tops, and blazers are in the middle.

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