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Philadelphia Salvage Posts Pic of Thief on Facebook, Dischord Erupts

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Philadelphia Salvage's Facebook photo of a thief in Philly PD custody has incited debate and discourse within the lumber yard/design firm's customer base. The photo, snapped by an employee on Saturday, shows the African-American suspect on the dirt floor, his eyes closed, dirt from the floor on his face and disheveled clothing, under guard of police and EMS. The caption reads,"The Foundry was broken into. But come on. We CAUGHT him. Team Philly
Salvage & PPD F*ck yeah!"

The raw photo caused a visceral reaction among the store's Facebook fans, who quickly divided themselves into two camps of commenters: those who argued Philadelphia Salvage's posting of the photo was distasteful and insensitive ("Someone's son, grandson, caught in the nadir of his existence") and those defending the store, commending them for getting the perp off the streets ("Nothing wrong with showing the world the scum he is").

We want to know your opinion: Was Philadelphia Salvage's posting of the photo in poor taste, or did the punishment fit the crime? In the wake of the Treyvon Martin case, was the photo, as one commenter pointed out, bad timing? Sound off in the comments.
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