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Dried Worms and Swiss Cheese Make Coco Go Loco

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Welcome to Waggy Retail, a proper introduction to those lovable living mascots seen romping, frolicking, and/or snoozing behind the counter at boutiques around the city. Want to see your favorite shop pet featured in this column? Hit the tipline at Woof!

Coco was named after Coco Chanel. Image credit: Three Sirens

She may look dainty and delicate, but Coco, the shop dog at Old City's Three Sirens, leads a ruff- rough-and-tumble lifestyle. Romping and running off-leash are among the tiny Cockapoo's favorite hobbies, which also include snuggling and cuddling with boutique owner Emma Carpenter.

If you're shopping Three Sirens, don't ignore Coco's request for a belly rub, but think twice before letting her lick your face: Emma says dried worms stuck to the sidewalk are one of Coco's favorite snacks. Yummy. Here's Coco at a glance, as told by Emma:

Age/Weight: 4 years old/12 pounds
Favorite snacks: Swiss cheese, bully sticks
Dislikes: vacuums, the running dishwasher, noisy neighbors in the hallway (especially at 2am on a Saturday), occasionally her own shadow
Naughty habits: tearing up tissues, hiding dirty laundry in the furniture
If Coco was a person, she'd be: Zooey Deschanel mixed with a bit of Jenny McCarthy
Coco's quirkiest behavior: "Whenever I come in from being out or away Coco will get up on her hind legs and dance and wave her front paws in the air. She becomes very vocal during this routine which I have come to refer to as her 'Coco Loco' moment. There are only a few other people who also get that reaction so you know you're 'in' when you get her to do the Coco Loco."
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Three Sirens Boutique

134 N 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 925-3548 Visit Website