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Penny Loves Blowdryer Air, Shows No Compassion for Cardboard

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Welcome to Waggy Retail, a proper introduction to those lovable living mascots seen romping, frolicking, and/or snoozing behind the counter at boutiques around the city. Want to see your favorite shop pet featured in this column? Hit the tipline at Woof!

Image credit: Franklin Square/Instagram

Today we're getting to know Penny, the shop dog at Old City's Franklin Square, and possibly the happiest dog on the entire planet. The one-year-old Petite Goldendoodle is the furry companion of boutique owner Liz Burt, whose aunt bred the playful pup in Syracuse. Fun fact: Penny's grandfather is a four-pound Toy Poodle. The more you know. Here's Penny at a glance, as told by Liz:
Likes: dog people, baths, biting the air from blowdryers
Dislikes: shoplifters, life-size cut-outs of people, being ignored

Favorite Food: Chicken Chips and Coconut Flakes from Bone Jour, Wellness jerky bits from Doggie Style
Favorite Pastime: "She loves running the entire floor of my apartment building before I can even make it down the hall, and when I throw the apartment door open so she can run in. She also loves playing catch with her best friend, Miles."
Naughty Habits: "Getting into whatever trash/magazines/toilet paper/socks she can find if we forget to lock her in the bathroom if we go out without her."
If Penny was a person, she'd be: Jenny McCarthy
Name Inspiration: "Penny's named after the lucky pennies I've found nearly every day since my mom died a few years ago."
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Franklin Square Boutique

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