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Hottest Trainer Round 1 Voting: Miller vs Weinberg

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Welcome to Racked Philly's search for Philadelphia's hottest trainer. Now that we're in the voting stage of the competition, here's how it'll go down: This week, we'll hold our Round 1 polls, the winners of which will progress to next week's Round 2 polls. On Wednesday, August 28, we'll hold the Round 3 final face-off, and on Thursday, August 29, one of our finalists will officially be crowned the Hottest Trainer in Philly.

David Miller (L) and Melissa Weinberg (R) images credit: Facebook/Lillie Estelle

With their good looks and book smarts, David Miller and Melissa Weinberg have already won the genetic lottery—but only one can be crowned the victor of today's poll. A refresher: Weinberg is a Penn alum who keeps Philly-area "It girls" in shape via the hip and trendy Lithe Method; Miller, a Penn State grad, is the founder of D.A.M. Good Bodies and Elite Personal Training (and what a damn good body it is).

Each poll will close 24 hours after it's published, so you have until 12:30pm on Friday to vote for David or Melissa. To the poll!
Update: This poll is now closed.

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