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Who Is Philly's Hottest Trainer: Jess Sullivan or David Miller?

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Welcome to Racked Philly's search for Philadelphia's hottest trainer. We're now in Round 3—the final voting stage of the competition—and just one day away from the moment we've all been waiting for: the crowning of the Hottest Trainer in Philly.

David Miller (L) and Jessica Sullivan (R) images credit: Facebook/Lillie Estelle

This is it, people: the final round of our quest to find Philadelphia's hottest fitness trainer. In case you're just joining us, here's how it's gone down so far: We started with eight worthy competitors, and after two rounds of reader-submitted votes (over 9,000 of you voted!), we're down to two finalists: D.A.M. Good Bodies personal trainer David Miller and Body Cycle Studio spinning instructor Jessica Sullivan.

True talk: We wouldn't mind getting stranded on a deserted island with either of these knock-outs, but the fate of the title is in your hands. Each poll will close 24 hours after it's published, so you have until 12:30pm on Thursday to vote for Jessica or David. This is for all the marbles!
Update: This poll is now closed.

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