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How Adorn Is Bewitching Men With Sweet-Smelling Love Potion

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Going, Going, Gone! is our look at best-selling items at boutiques and stores around the Philly area. Notice something flying off the racks at your favorite shopping spot? Hit the tipline at

Store owner Sarah Lewis models her boutique's top selling Turquoise Trifecta necklace ($198). Image credit: Sarah Lewis/Adorn

An oasis of glittery jewels on Frankford Avenue, Adorn is known for its selection of bohemian-inspired jewelry, all of which is handcrafted by store owner Sarah Lewis. Here, Lewis reveals the four necklaces most coveted by Adorn customers. First up: the Turquoise Trifecta Necklace:

I would say the Turquoise Trifecta Necklace is my all-time favorite and most iconic 'Adorn' piece, which is why I wear it almost every day. We do a lot with turquoise and triangles, and this is just a big turquoise triangle! We have sold a lot of these in the store and online. We also sell this necklace through Urban Outfitters!

Silver Fringe Necklace, $88.
This is a new style that's been selling pretty well in the few weeks we've had it out. I love it, because it is lightweight, easy to wear, and great to layer with longer necklaces. It's all sterling silver, but unlike many of our other styles, it does not contain any stones or crystals, which makes it pretty affordable.

Smoke & Mirrors Necklace, $118
I love this style. It contains our signature triangle shape and a dazzling faceted smokey quartz gemstone. I think that its simplicity makes it appeal to a wide range of customers; we've sold it to younger and older women alike. We don't often use a high polished finish, but for this style, it felt appropriate. This style definitely represents the edgier side of Adorn.

Love Potion Necklace, $38
Our customers love the tiny faceted glass vial, which is filled with essential oils of Rose, Jasmine, or Lavender. You can unscrew the top and smell the oil, or dab a little on your wrist. I named this style the 'Love Potion Necklace' because the faceted vial is heart-shaped. This makes it a great gift for lovers; we've sold lots of these to men as gifts for their ladies. Our customers also love the price: At $38, it's our most affordable style in our line.
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