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Posh Collections Reveals Its Name That Never Was

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Welcome to Name Calling, where store owners around the Philadelphia area tell us the inspiration behind their shop's name. Curious to learn the story behind your favorite boutique's name? Nominate them for a feature by sending us an email at

Image credit: Posh Collections

If you side with Posh Collections owner Tina Corrado, you're of the belief that a penchant for boutique-hopping shouldn't be considered a character flaw—unless maybe your shopping habits are landing your FICO score in the red zone, but we digress. In fact, it was this thought that had Corrado thinking twice before committing to the name she first thought of for her contemporary women's boutique. She explains:

Posh Collections originally was destined to be called Shopaholics. After running the idea by my husband as I was planning my store opening, he mentioned that the idea of calling a women's boutique "Shopaholics" would equate to calling a neighborhood bar "Alcoholics." I immediately saw the negative connotation, and I knew I had to do a bit more soul searching to find the perfect name. The collections, styles, and silhouettes that would fill my store's racks were all posh. Thus, Posh Collections was born

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Posh Collections

103 E King St Malvern, PA