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These Common Diet and Gym Mistakes Will Derail Your Resolution

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Welcome to a special Fitness Week 2014 edition of I.M. Crumm, Style Concierge, wherein Ian Michael Crumm, our resident men's fashion expert, coerces exercise real-talk from Philadelphia fitness buffs. Straighten those neckerchiefs—Ian is on the go!

Pure Barre's Noelle Zane, a finalist of our Hottest Trainer Contest 2013. Image credit: Lillie Estelle

I'm not completely convinced about these New Year's resolutions people are tossing around. "I'm going to lose 20 pounds this year," "Instead of coffee I'm going to drink tea in the morning," "This year I'm going to go out less and decrease my alcohol consumption!" Alright—enough!

To help encourage new healthy habits, four of Philadelphia's best health and wellness gurus are here to offer their most practical fitness advice for 2014. It's not about over committing yourself; instead, take baby steps toward those New Year's resolutions. Let's think of these guidelines as lifestyle alterations that you'll incorporate into your day-to-day routine!

Pro tip #1: Avoid fad or trendy programs.
"If the workout, diet, and/or supplements is too extreme, focused on only one thing, or overly promoted, be very wary. If your goals are to be lean, strong, and fit—while also being safe and healthy—stick to programs that incorporate holistic and classic ideas. Push yourself within reason, get proper coaching and support, focus on nutrition as well as exercise."Gavin McKay, founder and head coach, Unite Fitness

Pro tip #2: Treat your workouts like a mandatory appointment.
"Schedule your workouts at the beginning of the week. Put your workouts into your iCal, write it down, whatever! Some gyms (like Flywheel!) make it super easy to reserve classes online days in advance so that you map out your week. Even better motivation? Recruit a gym buddy or a favorite instructor who will help you hold yourself accountable for showing up."Emily Rothrock, instructor/marketing coordinator, Flywheel Indoor Cycling Philadelphia

Pro tip #3: Commit to a healthy lifestyle.
Instead of dieting, consider an overhaul of the food choices you make every day. Cook at home more instead of ordering out, get a massage or do yoga at least once a week, throw out all the toxic cleaning products, lotion, and make-up that you own and treat yourself to all natural alternatives, commit to stocking your refrigerator and pantry with only organic and non-GMO foods, or start a daily practice of meditating in stillness and silence. Your resolutions for the New Year may be focused on what appears on the outside, but remember, the path to well being is an inside job!" Diana D'Amato-Vitarelli, founder, Dhyana Yoga

Pro tip #4: Have realistic expectations.
"In 2014, commit to leading a healthy lifestyle. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine and make it non-negotiable, and don't jump on the next diet craze. Remember, results don't come overnight, and exercising and eating healthy can be challenging in our busy lives, but once you make it a priority, it gets easier! Make sure to find a workout that you enjoy and you can realistically commit to. Exercise should be a daily staple like brushing your teeth. You'll find that if you give an hour to yourself, you'll be energized and able to focus more on the rest of your daily tasks."Noelle Zane, owner, Pure Barre Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Main Line
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