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Philly's 10 Most Unique and Entertaining Fitness Classes

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Welcome to Racked's Fitness Week: five days of workout coverage, so that you can start your New Year's resolutions off right.

Image credit: Kaya Aerial Yoga/Facebook

Is the monotony of your gym routine numbing you to the bone? After the jump, we've rounded up the city's most exciting fitness classes — the ones guaranteed to lure you off that elliptical. From burlesque and belly dancing to classes that take yoga to new heights, these workout sessions are anything but ordinary.

1. Hoopfit at Studio 34, West Philly
Hula hoops are the fitness prop of Hoopfit, a class offered by Baltimore Avenue's Studio 34. Participants use oversized hula hoops to strengthen and tone core muscles. Estimated calories burned during this heart-pumping, 60-minute class? 400 to 600.

2. Fit4Mom's Stroller Strides, various Philadelphia locations
Catered to new moms, Stroller Strides lets moms bring their babies along for a stroller-pushing workout involving power walking, exercise tubing, and strength training/toning exercises. The hour-long classes are good for moms of all fitness levels.

Image credit: Kaya Aerial Yoga/Facebook

3. Aerial and Acrobatic Yoga at Kaya Aerial Yoga, Old City
This Old City studio specializes in aerial and acrobatic yoga, classes that rely on suspended silk hammocks to deepen stretches and assist with spinal alignment. Because you'll be spending a lot of time upsidedown, it's best to arrive on a somewhat empty stomach.

4. Piloxing at Merge Dance Studio, Manayunk
A fusion of Pilates, boxing, and "sexy" dance, this cardio class promises a full-body workout and is best performed barefoot. Interval training is the focus here.

5. Happy Hour Yoga at Yoga on the Ridge, Roxborough
Get in a workout with a one-hour yoga class that's appropriate for practitioners of all skill levels, then quickly cancel out the calories burned with the educational beer tasting that follows the class.

6. Strip and Sculpt at Weston Fitness, Center City
If you sign up for this strip class, note that you'll be entering a judgement-free zone. Instructor Sandy Weston guides ladies toward long, lean muscles, all while helping participants redefine their idea of what's sexy.

Image credit: Awakenings Pole Dance Fitness/Facebook

7. Pole Dance Fitness at Awakenings, King of Prussia and Manayunk
Shimmy your way to tight and toned muscles through Awakening's pole-centric classes, then take it down a notch by enrolling in the studio's aerial yoga class, which promises a series of strength building exercises and inversions — by candlelight.

8. Bhangra Blast at Philly Dance Fitness, Newbold
Bollywood flavor is injected into this dance class, which is set to upbeat Indian music. A traditional celebratory North Indian folk dance, Bhangra is high-energy dance that involves lots of bouncing and shoulder-shrugging. Totally uncoordinated? The studio ensures anyone can master Bhangra—or have fun trying.

9. Belly Dance at Studio 1831, Fairmount
Shake whatcha mama gave you with a belly dance class at Studio 1831. Expect lots of hip thrusting and shimmying as you learn "the mystery and sensuous beauty of an age-old performance art." This Fairmount studio also offers a popular Burlesque class for those looking to channel their inner Dita Von Teese.

Aquamotion at Sweat Fitness, Center City
Lead by aptly-named trainer Holly Waters, this low-impact aerobic workout stands out not only for its reliance on boogie boards, water noodles, and paddles (fun!), it also takes place in a salt water pool, which is gentler on hair, skin, and the environment.
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