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Ian's NYFW Recap: Fall's Top Trends for the Ladies

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you Ian Michael Crumm, our resident men's fashion expert, here to share style pointers and tips for tackling the latest trends in menswear. Straighten those neckerchiefs—Ian is on the go!

With shows happening from early morning until late at night, there are many designs sashaying down the runway ready for analysis at New York Fashion Week. Who will buy what? Did some designers have similar thoughts when creating the current collection? After attending over a dozen shows—including two collections from The Art Institute of Philadelphia students—I've compiled my women's style report for fall 2014. Fashion is all about being ahead of the curve, so what better time than now to start prepping this upcoming autumn's wardrobe?

1) Colored leather gloves
Whether aqua blue and scrunched on the wrist as seen on the runway at GEORGINE or ultra high and purple as on the Art Institute's runway show, leather gloves are an easy way to add interest to simple jackets. Look for statement gloves that can be worn with your favorite black jacket or that dark gray cape hidden in your closet from last season.
Where to shop the look: Tselaine, Hello World, Boyds, Nordstrom Rack, J.Crew, Smak Parlour, Kate Spade

2) Long shorts
We're thinking of fall, so there is no need to go towards a pair of Daisy Dukes. Let's lower the hemlines on shorts with a classier version. Nicholas K started the week off by showing a slouchy pair with large front pockets. Designer Karolyn Pho also showed long shorts later in the week. Pho's pair were sleek and made with supple black leather. Try styling long shorts with a pair of leggings/tights and your favorite pair of boots. Add a deconstructed jacket that flows in the wind to keep the look casual.
Where to shop the look: Arcadia, Adresse, Knit Wit, Piper, Nino Brand

3) Detailed trimming
The Art Institute of Philadelphia designers used trimmings in their work. I loved how Art Institute grad Samuel Ciccone incorporated horsehair into the sleeves of a cropped top. His collection is a play on the borders between masculine and feminine: "The inspiration is based on a crystal," Ciccone says. "When you look at a crystal one side is super smooth the other side is really rough so that's in contrast to a woman. She's got this rough side where she is a little edgy and dark and dangerous. She's also got this super sweet and soft side." The model definitely had a powerful femininity when walking down the runway!

Anna Charest, a current Art Institute student, was inspired by the Civil War. Her designs incorporated piped detailing. A favorite of mine was the slim pants with contrasting ankle details. She feels it's important to consider the past acts such as the Civil War when designing: "I try to derive inspiration from my own life and from historical references given that I've grown up in Massachusetts near Boston, and then I moved to Philadelphia," she says. She takes inspiration from her surroundings in the City of Brotherly Love as well as past historical happenings.
Where to shop the look: Joan Shepp, Shop Sixty Five, Paula Hian, Per Lei, Skirt

4) Oversized furs
Ladies please get ready for Mathieu Mirano's Fall 2014 collection. There is an oversized lilac fox fur that someone I know needs to order. More great furs were seen on CFDA member Pamella Roland's runway. Mix large furs with all of your outfits.
Where to shop the look: Jacques Ferber Furs, Zinman Furs, H&M, Knit Wit, Adresse

What were your favorite looks from New York Fashion Week? Sound off in the comments!
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