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How Trove General Store Is a Throwback to a Time of Old

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Welcome to Name Calling, where store owners around the Philadelphia area tell us the inspiration behind their shop's name. Curious to learn the story behind your favorite boutique's name? Nominate them for a feature by sending us an email at

Image credit: Trove General Store

With a beautiful store design that's on par with that of Terrain and Anthropologie, Trove General Store is selling much more than just outdoors apparel, equestrian-friendly gear, and Pendleton blankets for your cabin in the woods; it's selling the American heritage lifestyle. The store owners here are the real deal, though, spending (almost) as much time on horseback as they do behind the counter. It's fitting, then, that the store's name is a nod to a time when function was valued over fashion. Shop co-owner Charlotte Bonner explains:

Trove, by definition, is something of value usually found or discovered, usually buried in the earth. It summed up our motivation to create a collective of goods that were both well-made and attractive, but also wholly organic and humble—things that could be used for truly utilitarian purposes. The "general store" also signified our larger desire to throwback to the time of old, when things moved a little slower, goods were made a little better, and people were about quality over quantity. It also gave us the freedom to stock anything we wanted, as opposed to being limited to a certain genre of merchandise—to create a true collection of the things we use and value.

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Trove General Store

82 E Lancaster Avenue, Paoli, PA 19301 (484) 320-8626 Visit Website

Trove General

82 E Lancaster Avenue Paoli, PA