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Your Guide to Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying for All Relationship Stages

Nicole Landaw Jewelry at Egan Day. Image credit: <a href="">Sarah Zwerling</a>
Nicole Landaw Jewelry at Egan Day. Image credit: Sarah Zwerling

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When you hand a gift to your significant other this Valentine's Day, he or she will essentially be unwrapping your current prognosis of the relationship. If you want to make sure you say the right thing, Kate Egan, co-owner of the Rittenhouse jewelry boutique Egan Day, has some advice: "Trust your gut. As long as it's thoughtful, you can't go wrong."

Here, Egan walks us through the relationship minefield that is Valentine's Day by offering jewelry shopping tips and recommendations for various stages of a relationship. Whether you're newly coupled or have been picking your partner's dirty socks off the floor for decades, Egan's tips will help ensure this February 14 goes off without a hitch.

Gabriella Kiss sterling silver cherubs, $570; Annette Ferdinandsen rose petal earrings with diamond drop, $1,650; Annette Ferdinandsen sterling silver rose petal necklace, $190; Ted Muehling rose quartz acorn earrings, $180; Gabriella Kiss Amor band, $660

Scenario 1: The couple who just started dating
Assuming it's going well and you have been dating for more than two months, the Annette Ferdinandsen rose petal necklace is perfect. It's low key but thoughtful, and certainly will not scare away a potential new love. Been dating less than two weeks? Skip the jewelry in favor of a Spanish gardenia Red Flower candle and a cocktail.

Scenario 2: The couple who's been dating for several months and will be celebrating their first Valentine's Day
You want to pick a gift that's special but also easy to wear — one that's just as great for everyday as it is for an occasion. Ted Muehling rose quartz acorn earrings fit that mold perfectly. Before you go, pay attention to what she wears because that's going to be your shopping guide.

Jonathan Wahl cufflinks, $385-$880

Scenario 3: Newly engaged couples (the ring's barely out of the box)
It's definitely nice to still do something. If the wedding is in the near future, you could buy her a pair of earrings that she could wear at the rehearsal dinner or even at the wedding; that's a lovely, lovely present. I recommend the Gabriella Kiss cherub earrings because those are so wrapped up in love. Ted Muehling pearls or long drops are also very special choices.

Ted Muehling pink pearl and opal choker, $1,600

Scenario 4: The couple who's been together forever.
Valentine's is the perfect opportunity to dazzle your love. As someone who's been married a long time, it's important not to forget that you're still a couple. For that reason, I recommend the Gabriella Kiss Amor ring, or for that extra wow, the Ted Muehling pink pearl and opal choker. A pair of Jonathan Wahl cufflinks is the perfect gift for men.
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