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Silly Sweaters and an Overbite Define Buzhwa's Signature Look

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Welcome to Waggy Retail, a proper introduction to those lovable living mascots seen romping, frolicking, and/or snoozing behind the counter at boutiques around the city. Want to see your favorite shop pet featured in this column? Hit the tipline at Woof!

Buzhwa's name is a play on the word "bourgie." Image credit: Joelle Brodhecker

It almost didn't end well for Buzhwa, the shop dog of Pine Street make-up studio/consignment boutique Addiction Studios. "I was told a breeder wanted to put him to sleep due to his overbite and broken tail," says shop owner Joelle Brodhecker, who adopted the Maltese when he six months old. "There was no other dog I knew could be mine but him." Aw. Here's Buzhwa at a glance, as told by Joelle.

Age: 10 years old
Favorite snacks: Cheerios
Favorite pastime: snuggling
Dislikes: other dogs
Naughty habits: barking
Buzhwa's quirkiest behavior: "He's a big lover of wearing sweaters during the cold season. He even puts his own paws in the sleeves!"
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Addiction Boutique and Make-Up Studio

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