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Adorn Has the 26 Essentials You Need to Survive Festival Season

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All images credit: Sarah Lewis/Adorn

Calling all sensible flower children: Adorn—the bohemian epicenter of Fishtown—has the survival kits you need to get through festival season in one piece. Designed by boutique owner/festival veteran Sarah Lewis ("[Festivals] are a wonderful source of inspiration for me!"), the 26-piece kits include bubbles, rolling papers, a lighter, condoms, a bottle opener, and a flask—y'know, all the makings of a good time (wink wink).

Of course, more "parent-approved" offerings are tucked in there, too, like a rain poncho, flashlight, Advil, and sunscreen. Oh, and toothbrushes and mouthwash, because if you can't shower for three days, the least you can do is brush your teeth! Pick up your kit for $50, available exclusively at Adorn.
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