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Blueberry-Nibbling Boru Is a Lover, Not a Fighter

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Welcome to Waggy Retail, a proper introduction to those lovable living mascots seen romping, frolicking, and/or snoozing behind the counter at boutiques around the city. Want to see your favorite shop pet featured in this column? Hit the tipline at Woof!

Behind these brown eyes lies a wealth of vintage picking know-how. Image credit: Isabella Sparrow

You'd think a hefty canine like Boru would attack a rawhide like nobody's business, but the shopdog of Bryn Mawr's Isabella Sparrow prefers a daintier between-meal nibble: blueberries, which according to his owner, Hillary O'carroll, Boru likes to eat one by one. So refined!

After the jump, learn what makes this Bernese Mountain Dog a favorite among Isabella Sparrow customers. "He's calm, affectionate, easy-going, and so very earnest," says O'carroll. "There are a good number of folks who come in just to visit with him!" Could it be because of his big brown eyes? His love for shopping at Terrain? Or perhaps his keen eye for vintage picking? We have a feeling it's a little bit of everything.

Age: 6 years old
Favorite pastime: The Berner Hug. He puts his head between your, um, thighs (no unseemliness meant), hoping you'll rub his ears and his neck. And he'll stay right there. For an hour—or as long as you're giving out the goods.
Dislikes: Being left home alone. He wants to come along everywhere, and so he generally does. Don't be surprised if you see him walking with me through Lowe's. Or Target. Or Terrain! I'm not sure why so many places allow him in, but I'm sure happy they do!
Naughty habits: He sometimes barks when he sees someone outside before they come into my shop, but rest assured that particular bark, translated, means "Hi! Come in! Hug me! Hurry!"
Boru's specials skills: Boru is an experienced vintage picker. Every week, we go hunting for old farm-y finds for the shop. The car is packed with all sorts of who-knows-what, except for the one side that's his. One small woman in a rather small car, completely stuffed to the roof with our loot and one very large head sticking out the window, tasting the wind. He's the best hunting and gathering partner I could have!
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Isabella Sparrow

1012 West Lancaster Ave Bryn Mawr, PA