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How to Break a Sweat Like a Philadelphia Phillie

Image credit: Shutterstock/ARENA Creative
Image credit: Shutterstock/ARENA Creative

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The birds are chirping, the sun's out (kind of), and only a few hours stand between us and the Phillies home opener. If you're just so psyched you can't stand it, Sweat Fitness personal trainer Adam Tischler has created a workout to help you channel all that excited energy. Inspired his time coaching the Chicago White Sox, the workout can build power, speed, and endurance in any budding Phillie (or armchair umpire).

"Baseball requires the body to synchronize and coordinate rotational movement from the ground up," says Tischler. "This requires the athlete to have strong legs, hips, core, and functional shoulder strength yet be flexible at the same time. Do this routine a total of three times through. The rest period between each exercise depends on the individual's fitness level."

Leg Circuit
All 4 exercises are bodyweight (but can be made harder by adding weight). This will promote power, speed, and endurance.
• Speed Squat x20 (squat to parallel as fast as you can)
• Alternating Lunges x10/leg
• Power Step Up x10/leg (use a plyo box or bench)
• Jump Squats x10 (a soft landing is key)

TRX Back Circuit (TRX are suspension trainer straps)
TRX exercises can be made easier or harder based on foot positioning. This will strengthen upper back, functional shoulder strength and endurance. TRX exercises can be made easier or harder based on foot positioning
• TRX Shoulder Blade Squeezes x10
• TRX Row x10 (palms facing each other, elbows come in tight to the side)
• TRX Wide Grip Row x10 (palms facing down, elbows come out wide)
• TRX Y x10

Pushup Progression
Try your best to not stop for rest! This will strengthen upper body, functional shoulder strength, and endurance
• Regular Pushups x3
• Downward Dog Pushups x3
• T Pushups x3
• Regular Pushups x3

Rotation & Twist Series
Use a medicine ball between 4 and 10 Lbs. This exercise will strengthen the core - specifically the obliques
• .5 Twist x10 (hold ball close to body at chest height- smoothly twist side to side )
• Full Twist x10 (hold ball with arms extended at chest height - smoothly twist side to side)
• Diagonal Chop x10/side
• Woodchopper x10 (Ball starts directly overhead and finishes between your legs - hinge at the hips/don't squat)
• Russian Twist x10/side
• 3 Way sit Up x10/side (left, right, middle)
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