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Trash, Sleep and Owner Seun Make Duke's World Go 'Round

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Welcome to Waggy Retail, a proper introduction to those lovable living mascots seen romping, frolicking, and/or snoozing behind the counter at boutiques around the city. Want to see your favorite shop pet featured in this column? Hit the tipline at Woof!

L) Duke doing what he does best: being adorable, remaining motionless. R) Duke takes his sister, Winnie, for a walk. Image credit: Seun Olubodun

He's not above eating garbage, but Duke would be damned before he follows you around on a leash. The 62-pound English Bulldog, made famous by his unofficial official role as brand mascot for Philly's own Duke & Winston, prefers to do the leading around here, thank you very much—but only after he digests his latest trash treat with a nice long nap.

Duke possesses more than a few endearing quirks in addition, which owner Seun Olubodun reveals after the jump.

Age: 7 years old. "He was flown to me at 12 weeks old. I picked him up at the airport, and it was love at first sight."
Favorite pastime: Sleeping, snoring, begging for food
Favorite Food: Trash
Naughty habits: Eating trash, farting, slobbering
Dislikes: Walks longer than two blocks

Weird personality quirk: "Crying like a baby when I leave him. I can go in the bathroom for one second, and he will sit and cry at the door."
If Duke was a famous person, he'd be most like: "I always say he would talk like Tracey Morgan, but he would probably be Winston Churchill. Not really sure why he would talk like Tracey Morgan—just because."
Duke's specials skills: "Whenever I take Duke out for a walk, he'll usually grab the leash out of my hand and walk himself. Sometimes he's a block ahead of me just taking himself for a walk. I even attached the leash to my other, smaller dog, Winnie, and he takes her for a walk also. It really makes my life very easy and is a pretty ridiculous sight."
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Duke & Winston

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