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Ps & Qs x Philadelphia's Magic Gardens Tee Launches Today

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Isaiah Zagar sports the Philadelphia's Magic Gardens Tee, a collab with Ps & Qs. Image credit: Phillymagicgardens/Instagram

South Street men's shop Ps & Qs has teamed up with Philadelphia's Magic Gardens to design a limited-edition t-shirt , which was released today online and in store at Ps & Qs. (We're betting these'll get snapped up quickly! {cough Father's Day cough})

On their reverse, the tees sport a purple illustration by none other than PGM mosaic master Isaiah Zagar, whose artistry you're likely already familiar with if you've ever taken a walk down South Street. (It's actually a self-portrait, Zagar reveals in a video interview with Ps & Qs. Watch it—Zagar paints quite a picture of South Street back in the day.) The proceeds from each and every $30 tee will benefit Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, which in case you didn't know, is a non-profit.

Ps & Qs x Magic Garden from Sophorn Sok on Vimeo.

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Ps & Qs

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