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The Killer Temporary Tats Everyone's Buying at The Geisha House

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Going, Going, Gone! is our look at best-selling items at boutiques and stores around the Philly area. Notice something flying off the racks at your favorite shopping spot? Hit the tipline at

'Dakota' Temporary Tattoos by Flash Tattoos, $22/pack. Image credit: The Geisha House/Instagram

People are freaking out over these jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos at The Geisha House. Boutique owner Cortney Cohen tells us they've been "killer popular," and they transfer just like the old-school temporary tattoos of yore.

Be warned: Despite their delicate appearance, the metallic tats stay put for up to six days (more like two days for the finger tattoos) and require a little elbow grease and baby oil to remove. Body art for the non-committal!
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The Geisha House

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