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This Is the Gift Everyone Wants But No One Needs Whatsoever

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Philly's own Pilot & Captain has teamed up with Detroit's Tait Design Co. to hit you right in your weak spot: your fond childhood memories, which the companies are mercilessly tapping into to sell this limited-edition balsa flyer. No one needs it, but it's just like the one they had as a kid, so full-grown, bill-paying adults that go to book clubs and do other adult-like things are powerless against forking over the $22 to get it.

Further bolstering its allure, this tiny piece of Americana is handcrafted (of course) in the USA, relying on balsa wood sourced from Maine, brass from Chicago, and sporting hand-screenprinted graphics. The plane hits the Pilot & Captain and Tait Design Co. websites Thursday, July 31.

· Pilot & Captain [Official Site]
· Tait Design Co. [Official Site]