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Hottest Trainer 2014 Voting: The Final Round!

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Welcome to Racked Philly's search for Philadelphia's hottest trainer. We're barreling full steam ahead toward our final face-off poll on Monday, August 25. Forty-eight hours later will mark the moment we've all been waiting for: One of our finalists will officially be crowned the Hottest Trainer in Philly.

Hottest Trainer finalists Steve Massimini and Rachel Rubin

In case you're just joining us, we're now in the final voting round of our annual Hottest Trainer contest. Here's what you might have missed: Last month, we put out an open call for Philadelphia's hottest fitness trainers. From there, our panel of experts combed through tons of shirtless, sweaty photos to select eight contestants. (We know, it was hard work.) Last week, we opened two polls—one for the male contestants and one for the female contestants—and the victor from each is now going head to head in today's final poll to determine the hottest trainer in all of the land, i.e. Philadelphia!

Let's talk about our two finalists: Rachel Rubin and Steve Massimini. Rubin earned 826 votes, eking out second-place female contestant Juliet Sabella by a mere 10 votes. Massimini took home 1,056 votes, winning out over second-place contestant Aaron Sistrunk by 82 votes. Both have already won the genetic lottery, but only one can claim the title of Philly's hottest trainer! So who'll it be?

This poll will stay open until noon on Wednesday, August 27, so you have 48 hours to vote! This one's for all the marbles!

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