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Roots Inc.'s Two Top Sellers Share a Common Theme

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Going, Going, Gone! is our look at best-selling items at boutiques and stores around the Philly area. Notice something flying off the racks at your favorite shopping spot? Hit the tipline at

Pip-Squeak Chapeau apparel, $200-$400; Forage bow ties, $68-$78. Images credit: Roots Inc.

Way out there in Chestnut Hill, shoppers are scooping bow ties from one of our favorite local makers to follow on Instagram: Forage Haberdashery. The Philly-based brand's line of men's accessories is selling out at Roots Inc., the modern-earthy Germantown Avenue boutique owned by Heather Stauffer. According to the shop owner, part of the appeal of Forage bow ties lies beyond the ties' vintage fabrics: the charming, hand-crafted display boxes, that is, which help the ties "fly out of the shop."

Also leading sales? Handmade women's apparel from Pip-Squeak Chapeau, a Brooklyn-based line that relies exclusively on 100 percent natural yarns and fabrics (think linens, cotton, hemp, and alpaca). Stauffer uses buzzwords like versatile, timeless, easy to describe the pieces, but she attributes the popularity of Pip-Squeak Chapeau to the fact that the clothes are handmade in the USA, a trait that also describes Forage.
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Roots Inc.

8436 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA