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Land Ho! Henry A. Davidsen Was a Norwegian Seafaring Dandy

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Welcome to Name Calling, where store owners around the Philadelphia area tell us the inspiration behind their shop's name. Curious to learn the story behind your favorite boutique's name? Nominate them for a feature by sending us an email at

Henry A. Davidsen founder Brian Lipstein is not name Henry A. Davidsen. Image credit: Stephanie Nolt Photography

If you've ever shopped the Spruce Street showroom of Henry A. Davidsen (a.k.a. where men in Philly go for a Clueless-style makeover), you were likely greeted by the custom clothier/wardrobe consultant business's founder/prez, Brian Lipstein. He's a put-together kind of guy with brown hair who seems like he'd include his middle initial in everyday introductions, so you might assume his name is Henry A. Davidsen. But you're wrong, and so are the countless other confused clients who make the same mistake. To the plank! All of you!

So who, then, is Henry A. Davidsen? Settle in for a publicist's tale of tie dimples and the high seas:

In searching through history, Brian came across Henry Alexander Davidsen. He was impressed to learn that he was knighted in Norway after being one of the youngest captains in the Merchant Marines during WWII. However, there were better stories of him once he moved to the United States. Being involved in politics as a consul to Norway, he had a reputation of being a guy who was 'always meticulous about his image.' He was known to shine his shoes every night and always have a dimple in his tie. Brian thought about Henry A Davidsen's reputation, the mission of his business, and decided they went hand in hand.

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Henry A. Davidsen

701 Spruce St Philadelphia, PA 19103