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Ian Goes Full UFO for Darker Brows, Results Totally Worth It

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you Ian Michael Crumm, our resident men's fashion expert, here to share style pointers and tips for tackling the latest trends in menswear. Straighten those neckerchiefs—Ian is on the go!

It all happened so fast. I was sitting on my computer late June, updating my blog when I got an email about men dyeing their eyebrows. I thought, "Okay, I need to try this." Fast-forward one week later, and I'm sitting at Laurentius Salon's new brow and lash bar waiting for the treatment. Here's how it works: First, you select the color you want (originally I wanted black until Sherry, the stylist, said to go with dark brown), and then the dye is painted onto your brows. (Note: You will look like an alien during this process.) After waiting 10 minutes with the dye on your brows, the stylist wipes it off with a soapy solution. The eyelash tinting process (yep, I went for that, too) is more or less the same, except the dye is applied to your lashes with a tiny brush, lash by lash. The result? Darker, more sophisticated brows and seemingly lengthier lashes.

Things to consider before moving forward with this treatment: 1) Consult with the stylist about what color you should dye your eyebrows (and eyelashes if you're going all the way). 2) It tickles when the dye is applied to your eyelashes. 3) The dye lasts about four weeks, so you'll need to go back monthly for upkeep. 4) Although most of the clientele is female, Laurentius Salon does see many men walk through the salon doors for this service.

Laurentius Salon's Eyelash and Brow Bar Menu
Brow Shaping: $25
Brow tint: $25
Eyelash tint: $25
Eyelash and brow tint combo: $40
Bonus: Mention this post to snag 10% off your first service!

Other Philly to get your brows and eyelashes did:
1) Rescue Spa
1601 Walnut Street, Third Floor; (215) 772-2766

2) Sun Myst Tanning Spa
124 S. 16th Street; (215) 545-5010

3) Heads & Tails Beauty Boutique
265 S. 19th Street; (215) 875-8343

Think you'll try this treatment? Happy tinting!
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